Soft tan Kentucky Derby hat featuring see-through horse hair, accent feathers , plaid wired silk taffeta ribbon and bow, stiff black mesh bow, silk red roses, three pheasant feathers, tall red wispy stripped Coq feathers, black fuzzy feathers and  other embellishments will look stunning at the race track or garden party.  Each hat is  one of a kind & handcrafted in Louisville, KY home of the prestigious Kentucky Derby. Each unique piece has its own name resembling a horse you might see at the racetrack, paddock or barn.  These show stopping hats & fascinators are also stunning at Weddings, Teas, Garden Parties, Church, Easter...anywhere that fine headwear is de rigeur.
Two of Hats Off by Helen hats were recently chosen to be in a juried yearlong exhibit of 20 hats at the KY Derby Museum 2015-2016
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"They're at the Wire" - Tan Kentucky Derby Hat