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Fancy and Fun  - dark magenta- fuchsia pleated sinamay on a headband featuring black and magenta striped feathers and wispy fuschia feathers for a whimsical yet elegant look.


This fascinator is just right for Breeders' Cup, the Kentucky Derby, any racetrack or Steeplechase, Polo Matches, Wedding, Garden Party, Afternoon Tea, Easter, Mother’s Day or Church….anywhere that a beautiful fascinators de rigeur.

Each fascinator is one of a kind, handcrafted in Louisville, KY home of the prestigious Kentucky Derby.


Don't get caught wearing the same fascinator as someone else from a department store - instead, style a unique fascinator no one else will be wearing. Each fascinator bears its own name, resembling horses at the paddock, barn or race track and comes with two lucky betting numbers!

DISCOUNTED SALE - WAS $125, NOW $95 "Fancy & Fun" Kentucky Derby Fascinator

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